Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Creativity Cruises in the Mediterranean

 As of 2015 the Creativity Cruise now includes: 
Group Harmony Singing, Creative Writing, Yoga, Meditation and of course: snoozing in the sun.

Tutors taking morning-workshops are offering their skills free of charge, in exchange for taking part in all the other workshops on offer. All in the name of Art and having a damn good time.

~ Contact now if you'd like to join us on the 2017 Cruise ~

Please note: The 2016 Cruise has been cancelled out of respect for the people caught up in the migration crisis. The situation will be reviewed in 2017 and the Cruise re-instated if appropriate.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Land Art on Gemila Island (St Nicholas Island)

This is another of the beautiful bays we'll be staying in during the Creativity Cruise. We'll drop anchor just off Gemila Island - St Nicholas Island - where the REAL Father Christmas settled and built a monastery. The views are stunning and belong now to the goats and just a few visitors.

It's here that we'll set up our Land-Art Project, collecting stones/pebbles/interesting pieces of wood to create abstract art pieces which we can then photograph for posterity.

An amazing place to visit, this!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Portrait of the Duke of Gloucester

My portrait of the Duke of Gloucester was unveiled yesterday in London.

It was a lovely occasion, which followed the fabulous pageantry of the installation of the Chancellor of the Order of St John.

My very great thanks to St John's for the commission, to HRH the Duke of Gloucester for his kind hospitality while sitting for the portrait, to John Hemsley for overseeing the whole project and to my 2 very talented assistants: Ian Shipton and Adam Rush for helping out with the sculpting when I was unwell.

The portrait will be housed permanently now in the Museum at St John's Gate in London.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Portrait of HRH Duke of Gloucester By Kate Newlyn

By Kate Newlyn
Assisted by Ian Shipton and Adam Rush

1) Measurements & photo session. 

2) Carving basic shape from polystyrene foam
     Applying a thick coat of PVA to the foam,
     Applying a 2nd coat, with added texture.
     Allowing to dry (approx. 48 hours)
3) Cutting wax from block and applying to foam
4)  Basic shape, from eye only at this stage (no measurements)
5) Sculpting with reference to measurements at this point

 6) Sitting with subject to clarify details.
7) Completed wax sculpture. Medallion in pink wax.  Glasses made from copper wire.
    Ready for casting.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Creativity Cruise

Creativity Cruise - 2015

June 29th - July 6th

This summer's Sculpture Course in Turkey has undergone a bit of a "Sea-Change" ...

I'm still combining workshops with a beautiful boat cruise - along the south west coast of Turkey, on a large luxury boat - but this year there'll be a variety of workshops on offer each morning, rather than just Sculpture.

I've opened the doors (or lowered the gang-plank rather) to various other teachers who like the idea and want to join me.

This is primarily as a result of my recently acquired MS - and the difficulty I'd find in running a whole week's course on my own - but its also because its actually a really nice idea!

None of us will be charging any Tutor Fees, we'll be offering our services just for the love of it.
So the cost of the Course will actually be £200 cheaper than it has been before.
The only cost will be that of chartering the boat and your air fare of course.

Altogether there'll be 6 Artist/Teachers and places for 6 lucky guests to join us.

The workshops will include:
Sculpture, Group Harmony-Singing, Yoga, Meditation and Creative Writing.

Bookings are taking place now and the boat is beginning to fill up so if this is something you'd like to come on, you'd better get  your oar in fast!

There's a full page on my website - which gives all details of the boat and accounts of past cruises.

Website address is: www.katenewlyn.com

(please note I use my full name for my web address as opposed to an abbreviated name for my personal email address)